A demon that lives in a cave in the Spirit Society, an alternate dimension that Ichigo finds himself transported to. He plans to overthrow the other spirit tribes and make himself king of the demons, but he doesn't seem to be getting very far.


Level 1 Level 200 (max)
Status-Mini-Stamina Stamina 1042
Status-Mini-Attack Attack 642
Status-Mini-Defense Defense 361
Status-Mini-Focus Focus 333
Status-Mini-Spiritual Pressure Spiritual Pressure 774

Soul TreeEdit

Total Gained Edit

Stats Edit

  • Stamina +
  • Attack +
  • Defense +
  • Focus +
  • Spiritual Pressure +

Skills Edit

Soul Trait Edit

Level Cap Edit

  • Raise Level Cap +50

Total Cost Edit

Jewels Edit

  • Small Attack Jewels
  • Medium Attack Jewels
  • Large Attack Jewels
  • Small Defense Jewels
  • Medium Defense Jewels
  • Large Defense Jewels
  • Small Stamina Jewels
  • Medium Stamina Jewels
  • Large Stamina Jewels
  • Small Focus Jewels
  • Medium Focus Jewels
  • Large Focus Jewels
  • Small Spiritual Pressure Jewels
  • Medium Spiritual Pressure Jewels
  • Large Spiritual Pressure Jewels

Characters Edit

Cost to Release Edit

  • The Hogyoku's Will

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