Byakuya comes to know fear in the fight against the Quincies, and after losing his Bankai, he is forced to examine his true strength. After defeating his enemy with a secret Senbonzakura technique, he dispatches Rukia and Renji to help Ichigo.


Level 1 Level 200 (max)
Status-Mini-Stamina Stamina 1005
Status-Mini-Attack Attack 697
Status-Mini-Defense Defense 355
Status-Mini-Focus Focus 332
Status-Mini-Spiritual Pressure Spiritual Pressure 683

Soul TreeEdit

Total Gained Edit

Stats Edit

  • Stamina +
  • Attack +
  • Defense +
  • Focus +
  • Spiritual Pressure +

Skills Edit

Soul Trait Edit

Level Cap Edit

  • Raise Level Cap +50

Total Cost Edit

Jewels Edit

  • Small Attack Jewels
  • Medium Attack Jewels
  • Large Attack Jewels
  • Small Defense Jewels
  • Medium Defense Jewels
  • Large Defense Jewels
  • Small Stamina Jewels
  • Medium Stamina Jewels
  • Large Stamina Jewels
  • Small Focus Jewels
  • Medium Focus Jewels
  • Large Focus Jewels
  • Small Spiritual Pressure Jewels
  • Medium Spiritual Pressure Jewels
  • Large Spiritual Pressure Jewels

Characters Edit

Cost to Release Edit

  • The Hogyoku's Will

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