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Character Bio
After learning that his power is a Fullbring, Chad works with Ginjo and lends his strength to help Ichigo recover his power to protect others. He is a regular member of the Gonzales boxing gym.

Yasutora "Chad" Sado
The Bond Version



Basic Informations
Rarity  ★★★★★★

 Attribute: Speed Speed


 Affiliation: Human Human


 Killer: Captain Captain

Special Move  Brazo Izquierdo Del Diablo

A powerful punch infused with Spiritual Pressure that causes immense damage and inflicts Paralysis.

Soul Trait (Max)  Damage taken -16% [2]
Attack Style

 NA: Melee
SA1/SA3/SM: Melee Status Ailment: Paralysis (Paralysis)[3]
SA2: Melee Buffs(Buff)[4]


Level 200 (Max)
Status-Mini-Stamina.png Stamina  1081
Status-Mini-Attack.png Attack  733
Status-Mini-Defense.png Defense  388
Status-Mini-Focus.png Focus  356
Status-Mini-Spiritual Pressure.png Spiritual Pressure  602

Total Gained


 Skill.png Sprinter: +1
              (Increased number of Flash Steps)
 Skill.png Berserker: +30%
              (Increased strong attack damage)
 Skill.png Devastation: +20%
              (Increased Special Move damage)
 Skill.png Enhancer: +10 sec
              (Increased buff skill duration time)
 Skill.png Flurry: +1
              (Increased normal attack hits)
 Skill.png Poise
              (Negates stagger effect when taking damage)

Level Cap
 Level.png Raise Level Cap: +50

Total Cost

 Small Stamina Jewel   580  Medium Stamina Jewel   170  Large Stamina Jewel   30
 Small Attack Jewel   400  Medium Attack Jewel   100  Large Attack Jewel   10
 Small Defense Jewel   1925  Medium Defense Jewel   600  Large Defense Jewel   150
 Small Focus Jewel   220  Medium Focus Jewel   50  Large Focus Jewel   10
 Small Spiritual Pressure Jewel   510  Small Spiritual Pressure Jewel   140  Large Spiritual Pressure Jewel   25

 The Hogyoku's Will The Hogyoku's Will x3
Character Needed

5★ Orihime Inoue (Raid Reward)x5 5★ Shukuro Tsukishima (Raid Reward)x4 4★ Isshin Kurosaki (Raid Reward)x7

Technique Droplet Power Droplet Speed Droplet Mind Droplet Heart Droplet
80 80 160 80 80

Drop Location

Evolves from:
5★ Yasutora "Chad" Sado (The Bond Version)

Additional Informations

Useful for:
Guild Quests: Week 4[7]
New Year's Tower: Extra Stage 15[8]
Tower of Ordeals: Stage 23, Extra Stage 5[8]

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